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 AACE membership provides a wide variety of resources, tools, and  services to improve your professional development, enhance your  professional career, augment organizational capabilities, and accelerate  your success. 

Our members gain full access to exceptional experiences, a  professional community, practical content, and essential knowledge - in  addition to membership discounts on AACE products, services, events and  certifications.



 Participate in the Discussion Forums where you can ask questions and get  answers or share your advice to others. Volunteer for AACE and join a  Technical Subcommittee or Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Connect with  other members in the Women in Project Controls or Rising Professionals  Committees. Find a local section in your area and make connections to  last a lifetime. 

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 Get 24-7 access to digital editions of AACE's TCM Framework® (Total Cost  Management Framework®: An Integrated Approach to Portfolio, Program,  and Process Management, 2nd Ed.). Learn from the Recommended Practices  (RPs) which are a series of documents that contain valuable reference  information that has been subject to a rigorous review process and  recommended for use by AACE's Technical Board. Read the best in  technical articles published in Cost Engineering journal or Source  magazine. Search over 5,000 of technical articles in our Virtual Library  or the Salary Surveys to find an9swers to your questions. Learn from  fellow practitioners with the archived technical paper recordings,  webinars, and more! 

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Professional Development

 Take an AACE continuing education seminar or an online course to  increase your knowledge. Study for and earn your AACE certification  using one of our certification study guides. Get back to basics through  the AACE Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 6th Ed. Take a course  in your area through one of AACE's Approved Education Provider 

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COMP Member (Group Membership)



$1600  (includes 10 individual members) + $95 application fee – additional  members can be added to the COMP roster for $160/member

The Corporate & Organizational Membership Program (COMP) is a  package of benefits designed to encourage companies to develop the  skills of their employees through AACE membership. The COMP membership  starts at 10 paid employee memberships with the option of adding more  members at a discounted rate from regular membership. If a company  wishes to join as a COMP but has fewer than 10 members, they will pay  the same base rate regardless of the number of employees that join AACE.

The individual members on the COMP roster receive the same benefits as Regular Members.

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Regular Member



$185 + $10 application fee
This is the base AACE membership for any individual. Regular Members receive all of the benefits of AACE International. 

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Student Member



$40 + $10 application fee

An individual enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in a  college or university who is taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per  semester is eligible to join at the Student Member rate.  Full time  graduate students enrolled in a study pertaining to total cost  management are also eligible to join at the Student Member rate. 

Student Member benefits are delivered electronically and students must reapply annually to receive the Student Member rate.

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Public Partner Membership



$1500 (for a minimum of 10 individual members) + additional members can be added to the roster for $150/member 

AACE’s Public Partner Program provides for a discounted group  membership for full-time employees of government and full or part-time  professors and full-time faculty and staff of non-profit or public  universities. Public Partners receive the same benefits as Regular  Members.

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